ICI Carbon is a carbon black brand owned by Palta Fertilizers & Chemicals.  Palta Fertilizers & Chemicals was established in 1973 and is a family owned company. It is recognized as one of the most reputed manufacturer of Carbon Black in the Indian Surface Coating Industry.  Palta Fertilizers & Chemicals which started 40 years ago as a small town Petroleum products trading company has now grown into a trusted global Carbon Black supplier catering to the needs of numerous top companies in India and abroad. 

At present we are suppliers to more than 200 top customers in the surface coating industry. Our range of customers are manufacturers of Powder coatings, Paints, Rubber, Plastics, and other allied industries. 

We have exclusively mastered the JUG Principle, that is, Jetness, Undertone and Gloss in Carbon Black grades which helps you offer a Superior Quality Black finish to your end customers.

The Coat grades are most appreciated for paints and powder coatings manufacturing for the pigment's ability to deliver:

Color to a final product                                                         Pigmentation                                         Jetness
Undertone                                                                           Gloss                                                    Opacity
Stability                                                                              UV Protection                                         Ease of Dispersion
Uniformity of Granules across the powder coated substance.

Paint and Powder Manufacturers consider it to be the best solution to rely upon and be competitive as it comes out to be 20x times cheaper than imported grades like Evonik Degussa FW200. This is a breakthrough opportunity in cutting your manufacturing costs with a consistent value proposition and no performance difference at all.  We would certainly be glad to maintain trade relations with you. Email us at ashok_palta@ymail.com